Web Services Developer - Fairfield, CA

Posted by Infrastructure Resources on Apr 20, 2018 2:29:00 PM

Description: We are looking for to grow our team by adding a web services developer to our Fairfield, CA location!

 IR, Inc. is seeking to grow our team by adding a Web Services Developer in the Fairfield, CA area supporting the AAG. The current opening would utilize experience with a solid understanding of Windows Communications Foundation, Simple Object Adapter Protocol (SOAP), Representational Stated Transfer (RESTful). Additionally we are seeking a developer with previous encryption and X509-certificate APIs for secure web service design and C#-based implementation. In this role you would be working with an external development group(s) in building host service APIs for data-pulls, and multiple functionality with in the application such as scheduling or ordering. This functionality will require developing content for system interface agreements (SIAs) with external groups.


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