Your Performance Pipeline Begins At Home

Posted by Leigh Ann Hope on Jul 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Leigh Ann HopeOurs is a business of getting it right the first time. But it doesn’t end there.


Employee churn is an ever-present reality for our clients. It’s also an occurrence that requires constant planning and oversight. Performance pipelines don’t develop organically, nor are they self-perpetuating.


A true teaming partner can effectively establish a performance pipeline in support of your contract. It can also keep that pipeline flourishing with qualified candidates, so that no matter the turnover rate, you can be assured empty seats won’t stay empty for long. Our end game is full cycle, supporting you from the new opportunity stage all the way through to the sale, servicing and fulfillment stage. Our goal is to continually earn your business. If we’ve been an effective full cycle teaming partner, the ultimate compliment you can give us is the honor of re-partnering when you sell it again.


We set about earning this level of trust from our clients in two ways. Number one is providing and delivering on an effective fulfillment solution from day one. After that, it’s about deepening the bench of backfill candidates if and when openings occur.


Part of what sets us apart in this regard is our presence. While we’re touching base weekly, we’re also supplementing those conversations with on-site sessions.


We’re not a group sitting around in a warehouse in no man’s land. We are a team that thrives in getting involved and understanding what’s going on in the lives of your delivery team. We know when they’ve had children. We know when a parent has passed away. We know what they are going through. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it also helps us work most effectively with them. We’re not going to hound them for feedback if they’re having a tough week.


That level of insight makes our on-site visits, which take place every four-to-six weeks per client, incredibly effective. During these trips, we’re taking a pulse of existing personnel relations, discussing any potential changes and making sure we are closely in sync with our client. It also gives us critical insight into the client’s communication style and organizational structure.


They may have 10 different people in charge of delivery. To be effective ourselves, we must have insight as to how each of them communicate differently. If each of them are responsible for building out their own team, they will likely have in mind ten different versions of the same singular skill set that was written into the contract. Accommodating that is a very difficult task.


Some people might want a good personality, someone who is easy to get along with and can also do the work. Another might think that same person would talk too much, and instead just want someone to get the work done. It is all over the board. Beyond the personality traits of candidates, you also have the aspect of hiring process. Some team leads may want to have two of their team talk to candidates first. Others will have an interview process 180 degrees in the opposite direction. For us to reconcile those ten different wish lists and deliver on them, it’s imperative to engage with both sales and delivery at the very start.


Armed with the nuances and intelligence that can only come from this level of boots on the ground engagement, we can then begin laying the foundation for an effective performance pipeline.

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