When This Fortune 500 Needed a Hiring Plan, They Called Us

Posted by Leigh Ann Hope on Jun 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Leigh Ann HopeIt’s the sales call no one wants to make.

Visiting the federal government client you are trying expand your business with while he stares at the empty seats you’d long ago promised to fill.


For one of the senior executives we recently helped, that elephant in the room scenario had all but destroyed his credibility with a federal client he’d worked with for 18 years.


It prompted an urgent call to our team, where we wasted no time rising to the occasion. After finalizing a detailed plan, we arranged an in-person meeting to pitch the what, how and when of our approach, along with why we knew it would work.


An ambitious plan to say the least, we committed ourselves to filling a significant number of helpdesk positions that support a critical function for the client. So critical in fact, that these helpdesk team members needed to be equally comfortable troubleshooting printer problems and then conversing directly with a three-star general about network connectivity. Answering a phone was not enough. The client needed smart, intuitive and well spoken technicians. To add to the challenge, successful candidates would need to obtain a security clearance and the slightest of missteps in the background investigation could eliminate them from consideration. This would take a unique sourcing and ongoing maintenance strategy.


Many of the potential candidates that where an exact fit already worked for the client, so we had to think outside of the box. This was not a keyword search exercise. Prior experience had indicated that the average search would generate 100 new candidates per day, but the quality just wasn’t there. Additionally, many of the people we needed to reach were on the phone all day at their current job. So the challenge became how do we reach someone who isn’t available on the phone, is not actively looking for a job and whose contact information isn’t readily available.


Our hybrid approach included non-traditional outreach, long nights and working through a deep database of employees we’ve helped over the years. That database of contacts served us particularly well. It’s exactly what we mean when we talk about having ‘broad reach.’ The process can still be extremely laborious, but we believe in our process and consistently work to proactively build our database.


In doing just that our team identified 50 potential candidates as strong possibilities, all within the first 24 hours of receiving the assignment.


Engaging directly with the senior executive’s delivery team, Infrastructure Resources narrowed down that group of candidates to a final 18, securing approval to hire each.


Five days post-approval, we our internal process for on-boarding had begun. Four months after completion, we count that Executive Vice President, and his federal client, as one many client success stories that make our team proud.


Imagine what we can do for you.

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