The Cost of Not Having a Plan

Posted by Leigh Ann Hope on Jun 22, 2016 12:46:41 PM

school-1223878_1920.jpgA freshly inked contract signature and a firm handshake are fleeting sales highs.


In reality, these moments in time are nothing more than formal indications that the clock is officially ticking for the HR, delivery and operations teams to follow through on a team build you promised.


Regardless of outcome, their collective performance can invigorate or annihilate your sales prospects. Although you’ve handed over the project, what happens between handshake and delivery deadline is ultimately on you. And like it or not, that speaks louder and longer than anything you say in a pitch meeting.


The rub, of course, is that those tasked with making it happen are outside your wheelhouse, to say nothing of the fact that time spent on internal handholding is time spent not selling.


Sidestepping this nebulous mess is possible. It begins with a strategic hiring plan, and it starts before the first sales call.


Consider your average vacancy kicking off a program. What happens when those vacancies are impacted by turnover? How well are they backfilled? Most importantly, how does all this impact your project’s burn rate?


It’s all in the ratios – time to fill, offer to acceptance, and retention ratios, in particular. A teaming partner worth its salt delivers these metrics to you, generating narrow vacancy to fill windows, high offer to acceptance stats (50% or better), and unrivaled retention figures. That translates to the Holy Grail of federal contracting sales, with a heavily monitored burn rate and stellar sales record to boot.


Arriving at that point, and staying there, will not happen without a hiring plan.


Whether it’s for a one-year task order or a five-year renewal, no defense contract is immune to the unpredictable forces at play in workforce development.


Mitigating against these market certainties is what we do best/where we shine brightest.  Our client partnerships are predicated on the delivery of a fulfillment plan that keeps your sales reputation intact. It’s not an undertaking we take lightly. If anything, the extensive research and legwork we pursue makes us very selective about those with whom we choose to work.


But as our firm’s performance ratios bear out, when we’re in, we’re all in.


As your teaming partner, we’re conducting a deep dive into the research and funnel work it takes to narrow down the right pool of candidates. Throughout the process, we’re measuring ourselves based on how efficiently the contract is being serviced.


For us, it’s as much about time spent understanding your specific requirements as it is results provided. Racing to the finish line with little thought to candidate caliber and longevity is a fool’s errand. After all, where’s the value in a teaming partner if their team doesn’t help you meet your objectives?


That handshake can go one of two ways. Instead of chancing it on a pay day that may never come, let it cement your hiring strategy and approach, and the track record such will sustain.

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