Talent Triage: Can Your HR Do That?

Posted by Leigh Ann Hope on Aug 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM

TALENT_TRIAGE.pngWith the thrill of the win comes the pressure of the surge. Often calling for double-digit talent to be cleared and on-site in two weeks.


It’s a feat few, if any, corporate HR departments are equipped to support. Even when a viable candidate is available, internal hiring processes often impede the average defense contracting deadline.


In those situations, whether or not a realistic deadline was written into the contract is irrelevant. Your sales reputation, and the millions of dollars you’ve sold on it, are riding on delivery.


Although we’d love to start every teaming relationship during the RFP process, it doesn’t always happen that way. Thanks ok, our team is set up to manage the fire drill urgency of these scenarios, move them into our process and begin our deliberate, methodical steps to deliver quality, responsively. It’s what we do all day long.


So, believe us, our phones ring far too often with the same story.


Client: “I know there is no way you can do this, but...”


Yes we can, and yes we have. For example, for one mid-west based contract, a Senior Associate was needed to be on-site within 10 days. In this particular case, the client was at risk for a negative CPAR. Through conversations with a peer, Infrastructure Resources was recommended as a firm that could salvage, stabilize and sustain a deal that was quickly circling the drain.


It’s standard operating procedure for those who entrust getting the right team assembled for their government contract recruiting needs to us.


Because of the way in which our team is set up, because of the frequent touch points we make with those in our pipeline, we knew exactly who was available and who would jump at the position. We knew who had just given notice and who didn’t need to give notice. We also grasped the math, and knew that if we were to deliver, our recommended top candidate would need to give their resignation notice that same day.


It’s proof positive of our talent pipeline approach. All of the emails, phone calls, on-site visits and genuine relationship building we invest on the front end culminate into an unparalleled position of teaming strength for our clients.


In this situation, our depth of knowledge about the lives and professional priorities of those in our pipeline allowed us to furnish not one, but two candidates to the client within an hour of their call. Within three hours, the client had made their hiring decision. Not just two candidates in the vicinity of what they were looking for, but two candidates who were perfect matches for the job criteria. One of whom had intimate knowledge of the project from having worked on it prior, and had expressed an earnest desire to do so again. In fact, this candidate had been contacted just four weeks prior and told us in no uncertain terms that if a position opened up on this particular project, she wanted it.


That talent triage scenario gave the client two key takeaways. Don’t wait until someone resigns, and don’t go it alone.


In Colorado Springs, our process did exactly what it was supposed to do. That proving ground now finds us partnering with this organization not only through urgent backfill vacancies, but in crafting strategy before the response to the RFP is ever filed.


Can your HR do that?


PS - We are proud to say that our employee is still serving our client to this day.

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