NIMBLE WINS THE DAY: Building the Team They Said Didn't Exist - PART 2

Posted by Leigh Ann Hope on Jul 7, 2016 11:00:00 AM

The.Team.That.Did.Not.Exist.jpgThink about the thorniest client situation you’ve ever had to maneuver. With the benefit of hindsight, how did it reach that point? Moreover, how could you have avoided all the headache?


Going it alone, you couldn’t.


The cautionary tales of prime contractors who positioned themselves to win, won, and then utterly failed to fulfill are the very reason teaming partners like Infrastructure Resources, Inc. exist.


With all the focus on the win, the people it will take to execute becomes an afterthought. More often than not, we see that strategy creating a “back against the wall” scramble with prime contractors feverishly trying to assemble a team – any team.


The result becomes a desperate cattle call for people. Random teaming partners get added only to over promise and under deliver. Procurement gets complicated. Who’s working on what gets complicated. This knee jerk reaction only leads to high turnover, and that outcome is blamed, fairly or unfairly, on the prime contractor.


So goes the fallout, along with the hours, months, and in some cases years, you’ve invested nurturing that client relationship.


Guarding against that erosion starts from your strategy behind the opportunities you pursue. It’s most effective when that strategy is carried out with a partner that engages with you early in the cycle.


Our most successful teaming partnerships start here – at the RFP phase. We are extremely diligent at this stage, and remain fully invested in your pitch, regardless of how long it takes the bid to be awarded. After all, your investment is also our investment. And we protect that investment by building a custom plan, one that demonstrates the tailored strategy behind our resource deployment and maintenance support. These contracts are simply too large and too time consuming to gamble on the outcome. Our approach puts you in the position of greatest strength to ensure successful delivery.


We are unique from this perspective. This upfront engagement gives us a considerable leg up in post-win fulfillment. With the benefit of internal team background, internal hiring history and protocols, why certain positions were detailed the way they were and how all of that compares to the bid before us, we can begin feeding the bid’s recruiting pipeline well ahead of delivery day.


With that level of built-in support, you’re not facing seemingly insurmountable fulfillment tasks – like having 150 people ready within two weeks’ time. It’s a fair request in the federal contracting space. But for those without a true teaming partner in lockstep with them, the request is near impossible.


The only way to respond favorably is to enlist a reliable teaming partner that can add value by orchestrating a strategy for delivering the team you need to execute. That careful balance creates the optimal leverage model for your team and maximizes your profitability on the engagement. The synergy we develop – through understanding of the RFP background, grasping the client nuances, and coordinating closely and collaboratively with your internal team – cannot be replicated. Proof positive bears out in the bench of talent we put forth – individuals who are carefully chosen, cleared and ready to deploy while you await that win.


Nimble does indeed win the day, and in no industry does it matter more.


What are you waiting for?

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