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Posted by Stacey Solomon on Feb 22, 2017 5:36:08 PM
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signature-389933_640.jpgJoe is fresh out of the military and ready to start his civilian life. First things first, he’s got to land a civilian job. Joe is stressed about the change he is experiencing let alone the stress that comes along with the job hunt. Starting at the bottom of the food chain all over again is just as tough as it sounds.


He can’t seem to find any full-time positions, so he goes to plan B. Maybe what he really needs to pursue is freelance work. But what Joey doesn’t know is that there is the perfect job waiting for him. Government contract work for which he is the perfect potential candidate.


If you are afraid of freelance work, you should know that government contracting is a whole different ball game. If you didn’t know that government contracting was in its own category, that’s ok. You can learn about that in the IR blog post:                       4 Differences Between Freelance and Government Contracting.


Are you in between contracts? “In-between jobs”? Are you considering leaving your current job for something new and better? Are you aware of the many job opportunities available at IR? Stop what you’re doing right now and check out what IR has to offer.


Ok, so maybe after reading that article, I’ve broadened your horizon just a little bit. Great! That’s not a bad first step. Maybe you’re already taking the next step and have started scanning the IR job postings. Maybe you’ve already scouted out a few that you’re really interested in. That’s even better!


But there’s a small catch- that job would mean you would have to relocate. That may not be the hurdle that you think it is. Check out this IR blog post for the Top 5 Things to Research Before You Consider a Relo


Still have reservations? Questions? We want to help. Reach out to us and we will work to find the best contract work fit for you.


You can email me at Don’t forget to also check our site here often for job postings.

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