5 Distinct Advantages of Working with an IR Recruiter

Posted by Scott Clark on Jan 19, 2017 3:15:00 PM

recruiter.jpgWe are your ticket to your destination.

Sure, you could try applying to any of the Department of Defense’s actively maintained job postings yourself, but that will only land you lukewarm targets.


What you’re really after, are the jobs that they do not have posted.


How can I get to these, the crème de la crème?


When searching for job candidates with the desired skill levels and additional requirements, hiring managers are more likely to look for experience from within than to take a risk on a resume from someone on the out.


We can get you that insider status you need. Let us be the phone call that gets hiring managers’ attention, gives you the chance you deserve, and lets you bypass being lumped in with the hoards of mind-numbing resumes with much slimmer odds of obtaining an interview.


Have you thought about what area you are looking to build your career in next?


Cyber security, financial improvement, and audit readiness (FIAR) are among the fields that comprise contract work within the Department of Defense.


Do you know what requirements go along with these areas?


Audit assignments can be research intensive or process driven requiring prompt problem solving. On the cyber side, work may span everything from physical hardware acquisition to data integrity protection and suspicious activity monitoring.


How can I find the best fit for me at the DoD?


That’s where IR, Inc. enters the picture. Each member of our team, from the organization’s president to its recruiters, is in weekly contact with hiring managers about anticipated staffing needs. This frequency of contact gives our job candidates five distinct advantages:


  1. Accelerated Access


We have access to the job postings before they are made public, giving qualified candidates a critical head start in applying. How much of a head start are we talking about here? We can provide about a 1-2 weeks head start on other job candidates.


  1. Personal Promotion


We promote your skills and experience. It benefits you to have us as an advocate to guide you through the hiring process; we don’t just send a resume. We send a brief introduction, via email, that highlights the skills and experience that directly relate to the position.


Our relationships with the hiring managers give us a unique advantage on knowing the unwritten requirements that they seek. We know historically whom the right types of people are to fill these positions. We can put you on the right track for the job that will be the best fit for you and the unique skillsets and experience that you bring to the table.


  1. Faster Feedback


We also act as an advantageous means of retrieving valuable interview feedback for you. Tired of waiting for that post interview phone call that comes a month afterwards? Or maybe you never get a call back. Maybe you applied and never received any indication as to whether your application was reviewed or not. We do our best to help clear up these ambiguities and inform you of your application status. Even when we do not receive feedback from the hiring managers, we stay in constant contact with our candidates to keep them informed with as much detailed feedback as possible.


  1. Big4 Firm Experience


By working with us, you gain an instant connection to our teaming partner PwC. Just imagine the doors that could open for you with this kind of recruiting help.


  1. Clearance


If you don’t have a clearance already, we can help you get one, subsequently creating opportunities in the federal space that you never could have had beforehand.


The fact that we are given advance access to new job opportunities, and that our candidates consistently receive careful and thorough attention in the hiring process, is the result of IR, Inc.’s 10 years working with the Department of Defense. Since we first opened our doors, our firm has gone from an unknown industry newcomer to a proven group of professionals that delivers on what we say we will do.


We avidly seek to protect our hard earned reputation by only putting forth the types of candidates we expect to become among the top performers on their contract teams.


If that's you, let's talk.


Email me Scott Clark at sclark@buildinfrastructure.com 

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