3 Reasons Why You Should Work for IR - Part 1

Posted by Stacey Solomon on Feb 15, 2017 5:27:19 PM
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man-1205084_640.jpgIt is IR’s mission to build the absolute top-notch team possible in order to deliver the very best service to our clients. After years of service and motivated excellence, we have succeeded in doing just that.


We have extensive reach, earned credibility, vast opportunity; we can provide longevity, and we are financially sound.


We have the resources and reputation of a large national brand, even though we’re just a very small highly functioning team.


Now, nobody wants to uproot themselves from a stable job, a stable career, or a settled life unless there’s a good reason. You could say that everyone makes job changes based on 5 certain things: SOLID: Situation, Opportunity, Location, Incentive, and Deciding factors. In this article, I’m going to explain how those who come to work for IR can be positively affected by our Situation, Location and Opportunity.


1. Prime and Subcontractor Designations

We are partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC, who won the inaugural bid 10 years ago on a government contract for a project called FIRE. We originally started this project with PwC. All I can say about FIRE is that it requires institutions to undergo annual audits, which requires them to also undergo constant audit readiness processes and procedures. FIRE is one of the largest contracts for financial improvement. All of this translates to a large amount of work that needs to get done every year. There’s stability. . There’s steady work. There’s a job you can count on. Work with us to be on one of those teams. Since we are one of the larger teaming partners, we also have more openings.


Quoting from Business Dictionary, a prime contractor is the one who undertakes to perform a complete contract, while a subcontractor or subcontractors are the ones who may be employed by the prim contractor to carry out specific parts of the contract.


We, IR, function as both.


IR is the largest subcontractor on one of the largest DoD projects to date. We have grown from being a small portion of the inaugural engagement to one of the largest groups on that program.


Over the years we have established ourselves as an employer of choice with candidates and a trusted partner to the prime. Work with IR to aid the longevity of your career.


2. Location

 For those who choose to pursue work with IR, we give people opportunities to work in many locations.


We support 14 AFBs (Air Force Bases) within 12 states in addition to the District of Columbia. Currently we have team members deployed in the following locations: Colorado (new in 2016), Illinois, Indiana, Alabama, Maryland, Ohio, Texas (new in 2016), and Virginia.


As we continue to grow, we acquire new locations to work from across the U.S., which increases the chance to place someone accordingly. Also think as a side note, that a job transition for you could also provide a parachute, should your spouse have to relocate (especially for people in military professions.)


And for the people that just love to travel, they can have the opportunity to do just that.


There are so many people out there with hidden potential, who just need to have the guts to step out and take their future by the reigns. Go where you need to go and find opportunity wherever that may be.


3. Prominent Partners

We are proud of our strong teaming partnerships in which we add the most value to our clients by providing long-lead planning, strategy and execution efforts.


IR maintains partnerships with many prominent companies such as: Coca-Cola, BoeingNorthrup Grumman, Hewlett Packard, and many more. IR has had a 10 year partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).


To read individual case studies about our teaming partnerships, click here. Each explains the problem we were given, our solutions, and the outcomes.


There are many advantages to joining the IR family. We want you to know what those are. Visit our page at : http://www.buildinfrastructure.com/why-IR