A Disadvantaged Small Business Partner That Delivers!

IR, Inc. is a Disadvantaged Small Business that delivers professionals so you can deliver on your promise. 

We know that's a mouth full and easily stated, so let's dig into our promise.


We promise to maintain our sound management practices that allow us to:

  • Deeply understand your challenge
  • Build the right solution to deliver your desired results
  • Measure our effectiveness
  • Maintain our commitment 

For you, as a buyer of our services, we eliminate the complexities of building and managing the right team to deliver.


Let's face it, setting clear direction and keeping your team's eye on the target is hard enough. The thought of receiving funding and not being able to deliver is gut wrenching. We solve that problem.


In a nutshell, we craft a nimble solution that allows you to deliver. Our full cycle approach starts by developing a strategy for delivering the team you will need to be successful. We specialize in crafting this part of your solution. It's how we win and how we'll deliver. Once we win, we simply execute our plan. We've even developed metrics to continuously analyze our effectiveness. How's that for accountability?


Imagine, a Disadvantaged Small Business that diversifies your small business spend, helps you create a path to procurement AND delivers the right team every time.

Professionals Delivered. It's What We Do.

IR, Inc. is an EDWOSB that delivers professionals so you can deliver on your promise.